Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is a TEENSY TENT?

Have you ever been in a grocery store with your new little one and someone comes up to you and touches your NEW baby? I had twins a few months ago and it was so difficult to tell people to PLEASE not touch the babies. So I created the TEENSY TENTS. Once I put the Teensy Tent on I no longer had any problem, people just aren't brave enough to pull back a blanket to look at you baby, thank heavens for that. The Teensy Tent makes it easy to be polite.

There are
SO MANY uses for your new Teensy Tent. In the winter it keeps the cold air, snoopy people, and germs away. Winter is such a hard time because of RSV and now that dang Swine Flu, Teensy Tents puts moms at ease. In the summer it keeps the sun out of their eyes and off their sensitive skin, whether your driving in the car or out for a stroll. The fabric is light and breaths easily. It's great because it goes under the car seat handle so you can thread you arm under the handle and the Teensy Tent doesn't get in your way.

The Teensy Tent can become your
LIFE SAVER as well. You always have a blanket on hand whether you forgot your nursing cover or you need something to wrap you baby in. Simply remove your Teensy Tent and wa-la your saved.

The Teensy Tent is capable of going on any car seat. The fabric is
MODERN and it's fun to be able to pick out what one will be perfect for your little one.

Teensy Tents are the
PERFECT GIFT IDEA, baby shower, Christmas and birthdays. Moms love to be able to keep their wee ones safe and protected in such a fashionable way!

If you have any questions leave me a comment. If you would like to order a Teensy Tent
Paypal is available for you to use.

Teensy Tent $39.00
Teensy Tent With Center Slit $49.00
Shipping and Handling $5.00


  1. I love these - what a great idea!

  2. Love the idea of a nursing clip to go with it! Terrific shower gift!

  3. Are the Teensy Tents a finished product or just a pattern or a kit? I'm a nurse by profession and am needing one for my baby, due Dec. 2nd, but am wanting to buy it already made.

  4. Wow- I wish I had one of these while I was having babies! I Love how you can use it to Nurse!! I'd love to highlight you on my family blog, I have a lot of friends and family still having babies... let me know what you think!